When Must You Change Spark Plugs?

Similar to all parts of your car, spark plugs are also prone to wear and tear. Fortunately, you can make sure that your vehicle is efficiently running by replacing them regularly and at the right timing. If you’re still unsure about the things that you need to look out for that says it’s time to have your spark plugs replaced, then read on this article since we’ve got all the info you need. Below are some of the things that you should think about if you want to know more about how often do you really need to change your car’s spark plugs.

Rough idle

Rough idle is among the reasons why a spark plug gets bad. To put it simply, when you leave your engine in an idle state while switching on the ignition, you preferably like the tachometer to be displaying steady low RPMs. But, when the gauge is spiking as you are just in place, then there’s a chance that your vehicle has a rough idle. Meaning, you need to think about checking your sparks plugs to determine whether they are already in bad shape and are malfunctioning.

Oil leaks

Oil leaks can unfortunately impact your spark plugs through contamination. The simplest ways to check this would be to pull out the spark plugs of the engine and check the base. When you can see that the plug’s base has oil on it, then you are possibly coping with a blown seal, which definitely requires to be changed with the spark plugs as well.

Your driving habits

If you’re into stepping on the gas pedal and high revs, your spark plug could be taking a hard time. Higher RPMs can usually harm your vehicle’s spark plugs. Because of this, never be surprised when you have to change them more frequently compared to the suggested time frame.

High-performance spark plugs

Particular units provide more “punch” and are intended for high-performance vehicle though they come with a limitation Compared to regular spark plugs, high-performance plugs are required to be changed more frequently since they have a briefer lifespan. And these are mostly the stocks that you can see in a basic vehicle.

Iridium vs. Copper

Compared to iridium spark plugs, copper spark plugs usually have shorter shelf-life. On the other hand, iridium spark plugs tend to have a greater quality compared to the copper variant. Apart from that, iridium last longer since they are less prone to wear and tear due to their electrodes.

Refer to the owner’s manual

Spark plugs normally have an owner’s manual with them where you can see the recommended service schedule from the manufacturer. The majority of typical units can possibly last you 30 thousand miles at a minimum. But, you still need to consult the manual to be sure when to change spark plugs.

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