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FAQ on ATV Snow Tire Chains What is the difference between 2 and 4 link spacing? Spacing is defined as the number of side chain links skipped between cross chains. For 2 link spacing, cross chains occur every 2 side chain links. For 4 link spacing, cross chains occur every 4 side chain link. Which is better 2 or 4 link spacing atv tire chains? 2 link is always better. It provides for a more consistent ride by having more chain on the face of the tire. Therefore, helping to reduce the bumpy ride from being on chain – off chain. 2 link is always recommended for steering tires, since it allows more steering control. Why are ATV tire chains only available in V-Bar? V-bar ATV tire chains are helpful on hill, ice and hard packed conditions. V Bar or Studded ATV Chains are not recommended on pavement since they can damage the surface it the tires begin to spin. Which tire chain style provides the best traction?Studded Diamond ATV Snow Chains are the best. 2 link is the next. For deep tread which style is recommended? 2 link is better than 4 link. Studded or Non Studded Diamond ATV-UTV Chains are the best for keeping the chain on top deep lugs. Do I have enough clearance between the tire, struts, or control arms? Check your your owner’s manual, vehicle manufacture or dealer to confirm adequate clearance. Click here for a picture of a clearance problem. Why should I pay more for ATV Studded Tire Chains? We have 2 studs per link, theirs has 2 studs every other link. Ours is zinc coated, theirs is clear coated. Ours is thicker.



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